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24/7 Availability

Sitka Belt offers 24/7 availability to our customers. Day or night, we are ready to help our customers minimize their downtime. Your Sitka Belt representative is dedicated to customer service. We understand that vendor accessibility is critical to our partnership. We strive to always be more responsive than our competition. We encourage you to call whenever your need arises. Nights, weekends, holidays.......Sitka Belt is always a phone call away.

Inventory Stocking Program

Sitka Belt recognizes the need to reduce lead times on parts that are not readily available. We offer a program that allows same day shipping or delivery on such items. We will review usage, stocking levels and lead times and develop a stocking program that satisfies your requirements. Sitka Belt will then manage this inventory to assure 24/7 local stock at all times.

Complete Plant Belt Survey

Sitka Belt offers complete plant belt surveys for all of its customers. This will be coordinated around your production schedule to assure that we offer the most thorough survey in the industry. Many companies offer a survey, but our experience assures completeness and accuracy. This is done at no cost to the customer and assures that your purchasing department can order conveyor belting and components with confidence and timeliness.

Continuous Process Improvement

Sitka Belt works closely with all departments (Engineering, Production, and maintenance) to assure that new products and possible solutions are being discussed. We specialize in discovering "pain areas" in the plant and dedicate ourselves to finding a solution. Partnering with Sitka Belt will assure that your plant is always up to date with the latest technology and developments in the belting industry.  

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